The UC Berkeley Center for Race & Gender partners regularly with other UC Berkeley units to foster innovative scholarship and intellectual community.  CRG cosponsors events on a selective basis.  The event must be hosted or initiated by another UC Berkeley unit, and have a clear relevance to CRG’s mission of supporting critical research in the areas of race, gender, & sexuality. Co-sponsored events must include a research component.

鉴于目前的预算环境下,中国中铁已有限的资源可用。 通过CRG要求考虑共同主办,请填写下面包括是否在宣传或资金支持的形式寻求共同主办共同主办申请表。 

请检查以确保您的活动并不冲突与当前的任何事件 CRG日历。如果这样做,我们可能无法联合举办。同时,请提交表单至少提前两周的事件。